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, Volume 112, Issue 1, pp 85–90 | Cite as

Inferior factor in Cournot oligopoly revisited

  • Paolo BertolettiEmail author
  • Pierre von Mouche


We reconsider the recent work by Okuguchi (J Econ 101:125–131, 2010) on (possibly asymmetric) Cournotian firms with two production factors, one being inferior for each firm. It is shown there that an increase in the price of the inferior factor does raise the equilibrium industry output. In addition of providing a simpler and more rigorous proof of that result, we generalize it to the case of technologies with \(s\ge 2\) factors and also allow some firms not to use the inferior one.


Inferior factor Cournot equilibrium Aggregate revenue concavity 

JEL Classification

D21 D43 



The authors are very grafetul to an anonymous referee for valuable suggestions.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Economics and ManagementUniversitá di PaviaPaviaItaly
  2. 2.Economics of Consumers and Households GroupWageningen UniversityWageningenThe Netherlands

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