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Raman spectroscopic features of Al- Fe3+- poor magnesiochromite and Fe2+- Fe3+- rich ferrian chromite solid solutions

  • Sherif Kharbish
Original Paper


Naturally occurring Al- Fe3 +- poor magnesiochromite and Fe2+- Fe3 +- rich ferrian chromite solid solutions have been analyzed by micro-Raman spectroscopy. The results reflect a strong positive correlation between the Fe3 + # [Fe3+/(Fe3 ++Cr + Al)] and the positions of all Raman bands. A positive correlation of the Raman band positions with Mg# [Mg/(Mg + Fe2 +)] is less stringent. Raman spectra of magnesiochromite and ferrian chromite show seven and six bands, respectively, in the spectral region of 800 − 100 cm− 1. The most intense band in both minerals is identified as symmetric stretching vibrational mode, ν 1(A 1g ). In the intermediate Raman-shift region (400–600 cm− 1), the significant bands are attributed to the ν 3(F 2g ) > ν 4(F 2g ) > ν 2(E g ) modes. The bands with the lowest Raman shifts (< 200 cm− 1) are assigned to F 2g (trans) translatory lattice modes. Extra bands in magnesiochromite (two bands) and in ferrian chromite (one weak band) are attributed to lowering in local symmetry and order/disorder effects.


Raman spectroscopy Magnesiochromite Ferrian chromite Spinel Ferritchromite Order–disorder 



Thanks are due to Eugen Libowitzky and three anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments that helped to improve the manuscript, and to journal editor Lutz Nasdala for his kind help.


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