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Dynamic analysis of a pulley–belt system with spring supports

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Acta Mechanica Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this paper, a new dynamic model for a pulley–belt system is proposed, in which the system considers not only the deflection of a belt but also the rigid-body motion of pulleys. This paper focuses on the effects of the rigid-body motion, which determines the dynamic characteristics of the pulley–belt system with spring supports. To this end, by using Hamilton’s principle, four linear governing equations of motion and eight boundary conditions are derived. The Galerkin method is used to discretize the equations of motion. The eigenvalue problems are solved to analyze the natural frequencies and mode shapes that are affected by the rigid-body motion of the system. The natural frequency loci veering and mode exchange are investigated for different moving velocities of the belt and various values of the spring constant. In addition, the beat phenomena in the upper and lower belts are also analyzed. Based on these analyses, we show that the natural frequency veering and beat phenomena are caused by a coupling effect between the rigid-body motion and belt deflection in the pulley–belt system.

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This work was supported by a National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant funded by the Korean Government (MEST) (No. 2011-0017408).

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