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A Riccati-type solution of Euler-Poisson equations of rigid body rotation over the fixed point


A new approach is developed here for resolving the Poisson equations in case the components of angular velocity of rigid body rotation can be considered as functions of the time parameter t only. A fundamental solution is presented by the analytical formulae in dependence on two time-dependent, real-valued coefficients. Such coefficients are proved to be the solutions of a mutual system of 2 Riccati ordinary differential equations (which has no analytical solution in the general case). All in all, the cases of analytical resolving of Poisson equation are quite rare (according to the cases of exact resolving of the aforementioned system of Riccati ODEs). So, the system of Euler–Poisson equations is proved to have analytical solutions (in quadratures) only in classical simplifying cases: (1) Lagrange’s case or (2) Kovalevskaya’s case or (3) Euler’s case or other well-known but particular cases (where the existence of particular solutions depends on the choice of the appropriate initial conditions).

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I am thankful to Dr. Hamad H. Yehya for the insightful motivation during the fruitful discussions in the process of preparing of this manuscript.

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