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The shape of a liquid surface in a uniformly rotating cylinder in the presence of surface tension


The free-surface shape of a liquid in a uniformly rotating cylinder in the presence of surface tension is determined before and after the onset of dewetting at the bottom of the cylinder. Two scenarios of liquid withdrawal from the bottom are considered, with and without deposition of thin film behind the liquid. The governing non-linear differential equations for the axisymmetric liquid shapes are solved numerically by an iterative procedure similar to that used to determine the equilibrium shape of a liquid drop deposited on a solid substrate. The numerical results presented are for cylinders with comparable radii to the capillary length of liquid in the gravitational or reduced gravitational fields. The capillary effects are particularly pronounced for hydrophobic surfaces, which oppose the rotation-induced lifting of the liquid and intensify dewetting at the bottom surface of the cylinder. The free-surface shape is then analyzed under zero gravity conditions. A closed-form solution is obtained in the rotation range before the onset of dewetting, while an iterative scheme is applied to determine the liquid shape after the onset of dewetting. A variety of shapes, corresponding to different contact angles and speeds of rotation, are calculated and discussed.

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