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Scale effects on buckling analysis of orthotropic nanoplates based on nonlocal two-variable refined plate theory



This article presents the buckling analysis of orthotropic nanoplates such as graphene using the two-variable refined plate theory and nonlocal small-scale effects. The two-variable refined plate theory takes account of transverse shear effects and parabolic distribution of the transverse shear strains through the thickness of the plate, hence it is unnecessary to use shear correction factors. Nonlocal governing equations of motion for the monolayer graphene are derived from the principle of virtual displacements. The closed-form solution for buckling load of a simply supported rectangular orthotropic nanoplate subjected to in-plane loading has been obtained by using the Navier’s method. Numerical results obtained by the present theory are compared with first-order shear deformation theory for various shear correction factors. It has been proven that the nondimensional buckling load of the orthotropic nanoplate is always smaller than that of the isotropic nanoplate. It is also shown that small-scale effects contribute significantly to the mechanical behavior of orthotropic graphene sheets and cannot be neglected. Further, buckling load decreases with the increase of the nonlocal scale parameter value. The effects of the mode number, compression ratio and aspect ratio on the buckling load of the orthotropic nanoplate are also captured and discussed in detail. The results presented in this work may provide useful guidance for design and development of orthotropic graphene based nanodevices that make use of the buckling properties of orthotropic nanoplates.


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