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Stabilization mechanisms of three novel full-nitrogen molecules


Full-nitrogen energetic materials have excellent performance in the quest for higher-energy and greener explosive materials. Herein, the structure, properties under electric field, transition state, and unimolecular decomposition of octaazapentalene (o-N8), azidopentazole (a-N8), and bispentazole (N10) are studied in detail using density functional theory methods. The results show that three molecules are aromatic and each N atom is in the molecular plane. Applied electric field will change the bond length, atomic charge, and rate constant of thermal decomposition. The two pentazole rings of N10 immediately change from being in a plane (180°) to being perpendicular to each other (90.64°–91.81°) when the absolute value of the electric field intensity is greater than 40 × 10–4 a.u. The stability order of the three molecules is o-N8 > a-N8 > N10 judged by the activation energy of the initial decompostion. In addition to decompose to N2 in the azole ring, o-N8 was found to have a new pathway to eliminate N2 in the azide group. Moreover, ab initio molecular dynamics simulations were performed to further reveal the effect of different temperatures on the cleavage of single molecules.

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 21975128, 21903044, and 11972178).

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Correspondence to Bing-Cheng Hu or Xue-Hai Ju.

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  • Full-nitrogen molecules
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  • Electric field
  • Stability