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Two new nickel(II) carboxylates with 3- and 4-aminopyridine: syntheses, structures, and magnetic properties

  • Brina Dojer
  • Amalija Golobič
  • Zvonko Jagličić
  • Matjaž Kristl
  • Miha Drofenik
Original Paper


The synthesis and characterization of two new nickel(II) coordination compounds with 3- and 4-aminopyridine are reported. They were obtained after dissolving Ni(CH3COO)2·4H2O in different solutions of 3- and 4-aminopyridine. The products were characterized magnetically, structurally by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis, and spectrally by FT-IR spectroscopy. Dark green crystals of the polymeric coordination complex {[Ni(O2CCH3)2(3-apy)2]·H2O} n were synthesized by the reaction of Ni(CH3COO)2·4H2O and 3-aminopyridine (3-apy). The molecular structure of this complex consists of a zigzag chain in which nickel(II) ions are connected by bridging 3-aminopyridine ligands. The Ni(II) ion is six-coordinated by three oxygen atoms from two acetate ligands, one chelating and one monodenate, and by three nitrogen atoms from three 3-aminopyridine ligands, one terminal and two bridging ones. The blue crystals obtained by the reaction of Ni(CH3COO)2·4H2O with 4-aminopyridine (4-apy) consist of the monomeric complex [Ni(O2CCH3)2(4-apy)2(H2O)2], in which the ligands possess trans geometry around the Ni(II) ion. The interactions including intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonds in the crystal structures of both complexes are discussed. Magnetic properties of both compounds were studied between 2 and 300 K giving the result of μ eff = 3.1 BM in the paramagnetic region.

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Nickel(II) acetate tetrahydrate Aminopyridine X-ray structure determination Magnetic properties Hydrogen bonds 



The authors thank the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia for support, Daniel Korpar for help with the laboratory work, and Marta Kasunič for some measurements.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Brina Dojer
    • 1
  • Amalija Golobič
    • 2
  • Zvonko Jagličić
    • 3
    • 4
  • Matjaž Kristl
    • 1
  • Miha Drofenik
    • 1
    • 5
  1. 1.Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringUniversity of MariborMariborSlovenia
  2. 2.Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical TechnologyUniversity of LjubljanaLjubljanaSlovenia
  3. 3.Institute of Mathematics, Physics and MechanicsLjubljanaSlovenia
  4. 4.Faculty of Civil and Geodetic EngineeringLjubljanaSlovenia
  5. 5.Jozef Stefan InstituteLjubljanaSlovenia

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