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, Volume 139, Issue 8, pp 991–993 | Cite as

A microwave-assisted synthesis of phenanthroperylene quinones as exemplified with hypericin

  • Stefan Aigner
  • Heinz Falk


The synthesis of hypericin, one of the most important phenanthoperylene quinones used in photodynamic therapy, could be highly improved by using either a microwave-assisted dimerization of emodinanthrone, or a mixed dimerization of emodinanthrone with emodin in the presence of potassium t-butoxide as the key-step.


Hypericin; Emodin; Emodinanthrone; Synthesis; Microwave irradiation. 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Organic ChemistryJohannes Kepler UniversityLinzAustria

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