Complete genome sequence of passiflora virus Y infecting passion fruit in China


The complete genome sequence of passiflora virus Y (PaVY) from passion fruit growing in Guangdong province, China, was determined. The entire positive single-strand RNA genome comprises 9681 nucleotides (nt) excluding the poly(A) tail and encodes a polyprotein of 3084 amino acids flanked by 5’ and 3’ untranslated regions of 169 and 257 nt, respectively. In sequence comparisons and phylogenetic analysis, PaVY appears to represent a new species in the bean common mosaic virus subgroup of the genus Potyvirus. This is the first report of the complete genome sequence of PaVY and the first report of this virus in China.

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Availability of data and material

The nucleotide sequences reported in this manuscript have been deposited in the GenBank database under accession number MW165064 and are available in the Electronic Supplementary Material.


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We thank Prof. M. J. Adams, Minehead, UK, for professional comments and correcting the language of the manuscript. This work was financially supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2019YFD1001801) and K. C. Wong Magna Fund in Ningbo University.


This work was financially supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2019YFD1001801) and K. C. Wong Magna Fund in Ningbo University.

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Conceptualization, LL, XS; methodology, BC, HZ, YC, XS; formal analysis and investigation, BC, XS, LL; writing—original draft preparation, BC, HZ, JC, FY; writing—review and editing, BC, XS, LL; funding acquisition, JC; resources, DW, GL; supervision, JC, FY.

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Correspondence to Xuemei Song or Lin Lin.

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