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The complete genomic sequence of the novel myovirus RP13 infecting Ralstonia solanacearum, the causative agent of bacterial wilt


A novel lytic bacteriophage, Ralstonia phage RP13, was isolated from tomato fields in Pang Nga, Thailand. Electron microscopic observation showed it to have the features of a myovirus with a novel triangulation number (T = 21, dextro). The RP13 DNA appeared to be heavily modified. By applying RNA sequencing and RNA-sequence-mediated DNA sequencing, the whole genome of RP31 was determined to be 170,942 bp in length with a mean G+C content of 39.2%. A total of 277 ORFs were identified as structural, functional, or hypothetical genes in addition to four tRNA genes. Phylogenetic analysis suggested that RP13 is not closely related to any other known phages. Thus, we concluded that the RP13 is a novel phage infecting R. solanacearum strains and will be a useful biocontrol agent against bacterial wilt disease.

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All the data and materials described in this paper will be available for distribution upon request.


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The authors are grateful to D. Yasuda and A. Bhunchoth for host range experiments.


This study was supported by the Strategic Japanese-Thai Research Cooperative Program (SICP) on Biotechnology (JST/BIOTEC-SICPTH2012) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, KAKENHI (Grant number 15H04477).

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TY and TK conceived and designed the research. TK determined the RP13 genomic sequence. HE and HO were responsible for the genomic annotation and phylogenetic analyses. OC did experiments on phage isolation and characterization. TY and TK wrote the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

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Correspondence to Takashi Yamada.

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