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Phage vB_BmeM-Goe8 infecting Bacillus megaterium DSM319


vB_BmeM-Goe8 is a phage preying on Bacillus megaterium. Its genome has a GC content of 38.9%, is 161,583 bp in size, and has defined ends consisting of 7436-bp-long terminal repeats. It harbours 11 genes encoding tRNAs and 246 coding DNA sequences, 66 of which were annotated. The particle reveals Myoviridae morphology, and the formation of a double baseplate upon tail sheath contraction indicates morphological relatedness to the group of SPO1-like phages. BLASTn comparison against the NCBI non-redundant nucleotide database revealed that Bacillus phage Mater is the closest relative of vB_BmeM-Goe8.

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We would like to thank Professor Dr. Rolf Daniel for scientific advice and guidance, and Dr. Anja Poehlein for sequencing. We thank Birthe Nordmann and Tobias Schilling for their help in the lab. We thank Avril von Hoyningen-Huene for proofreading the manuscript. This project was funded by the Volkswagen Foundation (Re. 94045).

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