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Discovery of a novel circular DNA virus in the Forbes sea star, Asterias forbesi

  • Elizabeth Fahsbender
  • Ian Hewson
  • Karyna Rosario
  • Allison D. Tuttle
  • Arvind Varsani
  • Mya BreitbartEmail author
Brief Report


A single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) virus, Asterias forbesi-associated circular virus (AfaCV), was discovered in a Forbes sea star displaying symptoms of sea star wasting disease (SSWD). The AfaCV genome organization is typical of circular Rep-encoding ssDNA (CRESS-DNA) viruses and is similar to that of members of the family Circoviridae. PCR-based surveys indicate that AfaCV is not clearly associated with SSWD, whereas the sea star-associated densovirus (SSaDV), recently implicated in SSWD in the Pacific, was prevalent in symptomatic specimens. AfaCV represents the first CRESS-DNA virus detected in echinoderms, adding to the growing diversity of these viruses recently recovered from invertebrates.


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This work was funded through grant DEB-1239976 from the National Science Foundation’s Assembling the Tree of Life Program to K.R and M.B. EF is funded by the Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club and Mary and Al Bridell Memorial Fellowship. This manuscript constitutes Sea Research Foundation publication #256.


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  • Karyna Rosario
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  • Allison D. Tuttle
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  • Arvind Varsani
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  • Mya Breitbart
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    Email author
  1. 1.College of Marine ScienceUniversity of South FloridaSaint PetersburgUSA
  2. 2.Department of MicrobiologyCornell UniversityIthacaUSA
  3. 3.Mystic AquariumMysticUSA
  4. 4.School of Biological Sciences and Biomolecular Interaction CentreUniversity of CanterburyChristchurchNew Zealand
  5. 5.Electron Microscope Unit, Division of Medical Biochemistry, Department of Clinical Laboratory SciencesUniversity of Cape TownCape TownSouth Africa
  6. 6.Department of Plant Pathology and Emerging Pathogens InstituteUniversity of FloridaGainesvilleUSA

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