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The complete genome sequence of a new polerovirus in strawberry plants from eastern Canada showing strawberry decline symptoms

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Strawberry decline disease, probably caused by synergistic reactions of mixed virus infections, threatens the North American strawberry industry. Deep sequencing of strawberry plant samples from eastern Canada resulted in the identification of a new virus genome resembling poleroviruses in sequence and genome structure. Phylogenetic analysis suggests that it is a new member of the genus Polerovirus, family Luteoviridae. The virus is tentatively named “strawberry polerovirus 1” (SPV1).

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We thank Chris Jordan and John Lewis for collecting strawberry field samples, Xiaodong Bai for support in NGS data assembly, Aiming Wang and Hui Chen for support in sequencing, and Hélène Sanfaçon and D’Ann Rochon for critical discussion of our data analysis.

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Xiang, Y., Bernardy, M., Bhagwat, B. et al. The complete genome sequence of a new polerovirus in strawberry plants from eastern Canada showing strawberry decline symptoms. Arch Virol 160, 553–556 (2015).

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