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The complete genome sequence and genome structure of frangipani mosaic virus

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In this study, the complete sequence of the genomic RNA of frangipani mosaic virus (FrMV) has been determined and compared to those of other known tobamoviruses. The complete genome sequence of FrMV consisted of 6,643 nucleotides. The FrMV genomic RNA encoded four open reading frames (ORFs), for proteins of M(r) 128 kDa (1,147 aa), 186 kDa (1,651 aa), 30 kDa (257 aa) and 18 kDa (175 aa) from the 5′ to the 3′ end. Overall similarities for the four ORFs of FrMV-P ranged from 26.8 to 53.0% at the amino acid level when compared to those of 24 other tobamoviruses. Phylogenetic analysis of the FrMV replicase (186 kDa) and MP revealed that FrMV is closely related to SHMV and CMMoV, while the FrMV replicase (128 kDa) is more closely related to cucurbit-infecting and malvaceous-infecting tobamoviruses, and the FrMV CP is closely related to that of CMMoV and solanaceous-infecting tobamoviruses.

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This study was supported by in part by a BioGreen21 grant (200703010340190090400) from the RDA in Korea, in part by a grant (2010-0001460) from the Plant Signaling Network Center of Korea University from the KNRF in Korea, and in part by a grant (2009-0151) from the Natural Science Institute at Seoul Women’s University in 2009.

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Correspondence to K. H. Ryu.

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M. A. Lim and J. S. Hong contributed equally to this study.

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