Correction to: Evolution features of the surface latent heat flux anomalies over the tropical Pacific associated with two types of ENSO events


Correction to: Theor Appl Climatol

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake. The presentation of Eq. 4 and inline equations in the succeeding paragraph were incorrect. The correct versions are given below.
$$ {Q_{lh}}^{\prime }=\rho {L}_e{C}_e\left(\overline{U}{\varDelta q}^{\prime }+{U}^{\prime}\overline{\varDelta q}+{U}^{\prime }{\varDelta q}^{\prime }-\overline{U^{\prime}\varDelta q^{\prime }}\right) $$

where \( \overline{\left(\right)} \) denotes the long-term monthly mean and () denotes the monthly anomaly. Moreover, the anomaly terms in Eq. (4) are considered to be less than the climatological means by one order of magnitude (Hu et al. 2016a). Thus, the third and fourth terms in the bracket of Eq. (4) are negligible (Tanimoto et al. 2003; Li et al. 2009). Moreover, \( \overline{U}{\varDelta q}^{\prime } \) represents the effect of Δq in the presence of U, which usually reflects the contribution of Δq. Similarly, \( {U}^{\prime}\overline{\varDelta q} \) represents the effect of U on the presence of \( \overline{\varDelta q} \) and can signify the contribution of U (Zhou et al. 2015).

The original article has been corrected.

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