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Windstorm of the eighteenth century in the Czech Lands: course, extent, impacts

  • Rudolf BrázdilEmail author
  • Péter Szabó
  • Petr Dobrovolný
  • Ladislava Řezníčková
  • Oldřich Kotyza
  • Silvie Suchánková
  • Hubert Valášek
Original Paper


This paper addresses the course, extent, and impacts of a windstorm that occurred on 20–21 December 1740, in the Czech Lands. The analysis is based on documentary data included in chronicles, “books of memory”, memoirs, damage reports, urbaria, and cadastral records, as well as secondary sources. The windstorm started with a thunderstorm in the afternoon of 20 December, continued during the night, and was followed by a flood. It also appeared in documentary data from Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony, Silesia, Slovakia, and Hungary. The event may be related to a cyclone north-west of the Czech territory moving to the east with an intense western flow over central Europe. The storm did great material damage to houses, farm buildings, churches, and forests and is recorded in various documentary sources for 85 places in the Czech Lands. The windstorm had a significant influence on the development of local plantation forestry (discussed in greater detail). Judging by territorial extent and damage done, this windstorm, compared to other similar events, has been classified as “the windstorm of the eighteenth century” in the Czech Lands. This contribution demonstrates the potential of documentary evidence for the elucidation of heavy windstorms in the pre-instrumental period in Europe.


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The preparation of this article was supported by Project of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic no. 15-11805S. We would like to extend our thanks to Mathias Deutsch (Erfurt) for the windstorm data from Thuringia, Lukáš Dolák (Brno) for the help with data and information about the value of the work, and Tony Long (Svinošice) for the English style corrections.


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