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CSF biomarkers in different phenotypes of Parkinson disease

Movement Disorders - Short communication


CSF biomarker studies were performed in 6 patients each with tremor-dominant (TD) and non-tremor-dominant (NT) Parkinson disease (PD) patients, 27 Alzheimer disease (AD) and 17 age-matched controls. In both NT-PD and AD patients total tau levels and the cortex tau/Aβ-42 were significantly increased compared to both TD-PD patients and controls (p < 0.01). These data in a small cohort confirm previous studies, corroborating the opinion that CSF levels of tau protein and the index total-tau/Aβ-42 may be potential markers of the severity of neurodegeneration in PD.


Parkinson disease Clinical phenotypes CSF biomarkers Total-tau/Aβ-42 


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