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Pocket Atlas of Spine Surgery. 2nd ed. (2018) by Singh K, Vaccaro AR

Thieme Publishers New York/Stuttgart. ISBN 9781626236233, paperback/softback €59.99, USD69.99, 240 pp., 201 illustrations
  • Ehab Shiban
  • Bernhard Meyer
Book Review

The “Pocket Atlas of Spine Surgery” is an excellent surgical guide for young spine surgeons, illustrating the most common procedures from cervical to the lumbar spine. The book entails 240 pages and 21 chapters with 201 illustrations of step-by-step intraoperative pictures in which the surrounding anatomy of the most relevant structures is juxtaposed. Due to this very smart addition of the surrounding anatomical structures, a more comprehensive understanding of the surgical field is possible.

The chapters are very well organized starting with patients’ positioning followed by a clinical relevant and accurate explanation of the surgical steps with emphasis on anatomical landmarks. All these surgical steps are combined by clinical pearls to avoid surgical complications. At the end of each chapter perioperative complications with the best management thereof are summarized. Each chapter is a complete guide for surgery and management of complications.

The book covers almost all aspect of spine surgery with the exception of intradural pathologies and scoliosis surgery. Beginning with standard anterior and posterior approaches then demonstrating fusion techniques in the cervical spine as well as the much more seldom occipitocervical fusion followed by thoracic pedicle screw placement, thoracic corpectomy, and percutaneous cement augmentation. Finally, posterior, lateral, and anterior approaches to the lumbar spine are illustrated.

In summary, this pocket atlas is a “nice to have”, affordable, and worthwhile read that can be recommended for all spine surgeons at the beginning of their surgical career.

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