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Simultaneous multi-section perfusion CT and CT angiography for the assessment of acute ischemic stroke


Background. Introduction of helical computed tomography (CT) scanning has enabled rapid imaging of the vascular status by means of CT angiography and perfusion CT. By virtue of recent multi-detector technology, helical CT has the ability to perform both CT angiography and multi-section perfusion CT simultaneously. This study investigated the clinical feasibility of simultaneous assessment of perfusion CT and CT angiography in patients with acute ischemic stroke.

Method. Perfusion CT and CT angiography were performed simultaneously in a series of consecutive 31 acute ischemic stroke patients. The time required for the entire processing was about 15 minutes. Contrast agent was used in a total dose of 100 ml (35 ml for perfusion CT and 65 ml for CT angiography).

Findings. Simultaneous perfusion CT scans and CT angiographies were of diagnostic quality for 29 patients (94%). In large territorial infarct patients, perfusion CT could predict all perfusion deficits of the final lesions (10 out of 10 lesions) and CT angiography could detect 9 of 10 occlusions of major cerebral arteries (90%). In patients with small lacunar or subcortical infarcts, perfusion CT could predict 9 out of 19 lesions (47.4%), and false-negative were encountered in small lesions (three patients) or in inadequate coverage of data acquisition (seven patients). Acute stage thrombolytic intervention could be carried out based on the findings, and the success of thrombolytic therapy could be demonstrated by follow-up study.

Conclusions. Simultaneous perfusion CT and CT angiography is the very useful tool for the rapid and adequate diagnosis of almost all of the large territorial infarcts and some of non-territorial lacunar infarcts. It is an easy-to-perform and safe imaging technique to assess acute ischemic stroke.

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Maruya, J., Yamamoto, K., Ozawa, T. et al. Simultaneous multi-section perfusion CT and CT angiography for the assessment of acute ischemic stroke. Acta Neurochir (Wien) 147, 383–392 (2005).

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  • Keywords: Perfusion CT; CT angiography; multi-detector CT; stroke; thrombolytic therapy.