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Approximation of functions and all derivatives on compact sets


In Mergelyan type approximation we uniformly approximate functions on compact sets K by polynomials or rational functions or holomorphic functions on varying open sets containing K. In the present paper we consider analogous approximation, where uniform convergence on K is replaced by uniform approximation on K of all order derivatives.

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Correspondence to Giorgos Kotsovolis.

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Dedicated to Professor Paul M. Gauthier on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

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Communicated by Adrian Constantin.

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Armeniakos, S., Kotsovolis, G. & Nestoridis, V. Approximation of functions and all derivatives on compact sets. Monatsh Math (2021).

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  • Mergelyan theorem
  • Uniform approximation of all order derivatives
  • \(C^\infty \)
  • \(A^\infty \)
  • A(K)
  • C(K)
  • Holomorphic functions
  • Completion of a metric space

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 30E10
  • 30H50