Continuous deformations of harmonic maps and their unitons


It is known that any harmonic map of finite uniton number from a Riemann surface into \(\mathrm {U}(n)\) can be deformed into a new harmonic map with an associated \(S^1\)-invariant extended solution. We study this deformation in detail using operator-theoretic methods. In particular, we show that the corresponding unitons are real analytic functions of the deformation parameter, and that the deformation is closely related to the Bruhat decomposition of the corresponding extended solution.

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Correspondence to María J. Martín.

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The first and second authors are partially supported by MINECO/FEDER-EU research project MTM2015-65792-P, Spain. The second author is supported by UAM and EU funding through the InterTalentum Programme (COFUND 713366).

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Aleman, A., Martín, M.J., Persson, A. et al. Continuous deformations of harmonic maps and their unitons. Monatsh Math 190, 599–614 (2019).

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  • Harmonic maps
  • Bruhat decomposition
  • Extended solutions
  • Unitons
  • Shift-invariant subspaces
  • Blaschke–Potapov products

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 58E20
  • 47A56