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Finite generation of congruence preserving functions


We investigate when the clone of congruence preserving functions is finitely generated. We obtain a full description for all finite p-groups, and for all finite algebras with Mal’cev term and simple congruence lattice. The characterization for p-groups allows a generalization to a large class of expansions of groups.

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We thank J. Farley, K. Kaarli, and C. Pech for fruitful discussions on parts of this paper, and the referee for numerous valuable suggestions.

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Correspondence to Erhard Aichinger.

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Supported by Austrian research fund FWF P24077 and Research Grant 174018 of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Serbia.

Communicated by J. S. Wilson.

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  • Congruence preserving function
  • Expanded group
  • Clone
  • Finite generation

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 08A40
  • 08A30