Determination of Periodate by Fluorescence Quenching of Tetraiodofluorescein


 The fluorometric determination of periodate with tetraiodofluorescein has been developed. Under the optimum conditions responses were linear between 4.0×10−7 ∼ 1.0 × 10−5 mol/L of periodate. The detection limit was 1.0 × 10−7 mol/L corresponding to a signal to noise ratio of 2. The proposed method was applied to the determination of periodate in artificial fresh water and kelp sample with good results.

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Received March 20, 2001 Revision December 19, 2001

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Jie, N., Zhang, Q., Li, N. et al. Determination of Periodate by Fluorescence Quenching of Tetraiodofluorescein. Microchim Acta 140, 45–49 (2002).

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  • Key words: Periodate; tetraiodofluorescein; fluorometry.