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Isolation of hemoglobin from human blood using solid phase extraction with lanthanum(III) modified zeolite

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Microchimica Acta Aims and scope Submit manuscript


A direct solid-phase extraction procedure for the selective isolation of hemoglobin from complex matrices using lanthanum(III) modified zeolite (clinoptilolite) as sorbent was developed. The modified clinoptilolite provides a sorption capacity of 31.8 mg g-1 for hemoglobin (Hb). Experimental parameters governing the sorption efficiency, i.e., the pH of sample solution, the ionic strength and sorption time, were investigated. A sorption efficiency of 98% was achieved for 500 ng μL-1 Hb in 500 μL of sample solution. The absorbed Hb could be readily stripped by using 500 μL of a 0.01 mol L-1 orthophosphate solution, giving rise to a recovery of about 80%. The applicability of this method was demonstrated by processing human whole blood for the isolation of Hb, and satisfactory results were obtained by assay with SDS-PAGE.

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (key project 20635010, national science fund for distinguished young scholars 20725517, major international joint research project 20821120292).

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Chen, X., Chen, S., Liu, J. et al. Isolation of hemoglobin from human blood using solid phase extraction with lanthanum(III) modified zeolite. Microchim Acta 165, 217–222 (2009).

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