Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering

, Volume 50, Issue 6, pp 1611–1659 | Cite as

High-Speed Photography and Digital Optical Measurement Techniques for Geomaterials: Fundamentals and Applications

  • H. Z. Xing
  • Q. B. ZhangEmail author
  • C. H. Braithwaite
  • B. Pan
  • J. Zhao
Review Paper


Geomaterials (i.e. rock, sand, soil and concrete) are increasingly being encountered and used in extreme environments, in terms of the pressure magnitude and the loading rate. Advancing the understanding of the mechanical response of materials to impact loading relies heavily on having suitable high-speed diagnostics. One such diagnostic is high-speed photography, which combined with a variety of digital optical measurement techniques can provide detailed insights into phenomena including fracture, impact, fragmentation and penetration in geological materials. This review begins with a brief history of high-speed imaging. Section 2 discusses of the current state of the art of high-speed cameras, which includes a comparison between charge-coupled device and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor sensors. The application of high-speed photography to geomechanical experiments is summarized in Sect. 3. Section 4 is concerned with digital optical measurement techniques including photoelastic coating, Moiré, caustics, holographic interferometry, particle image velocimetry, digital image correlation and infrared thermography, in combination with high-speed photography to capture transient phenomena. The last section provides a brief summary and discussion of future directions in the field.


High-speed photography Digital optical measurement Dynamic loading High strain rate Fracturing 



This work was supported by the Australian Research Council (LE150100058) and Engineering Seed Funding Scheme of Monash University. The first author would like to acknowledge the financial support by the China Scholarship Council. The authors would like to appreciate the help and support by a number of colleagues who sharing their knowledge and resources during the preparation of this review. Special acknowledgements are given to Mrs Haiying Bian (editorial office of Geomechanics and Geoengineering—An International Journal) and Dr. Philip Reu who provided English editing and survey of current high-speed cameras for this review, respectively.


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