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Experiments of Few-Nucleon Scattering to Explore Three-Nucleon Forces

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Few-Body Systems Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Few-nucleon scattering offers a good opportunities to study dynamical aspects of three-nucleon forces, that are momentum, spin and isospin dependent. In the paper, the experimental results of deuteron-proton elastic scattering at \(\sim ~\mathrm 100\) MeV/nucleon obtained in the course of the study are presented. The experimental study of few-nucleon scattering has been recently extended to the proton-\(^3 \textrm{He}\) scattering with the aim of approaching the isospin \(T=3/2\) channel in three-nucleon forces. The data are in comparison with the rigorous numerical calculations based on state-of-the-art nuclear potentials with three-nucleon forces.

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Data Availability

No datasets were generated or analysed during the current study.


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This work is supported financially in part by JSPS KAKENHI Grants No. JP25105502, No. JP16H02171, No. JP18H05404, No. JP20H05636, Japan, and JST ERATO Grant No. JPMJER2304, Japan.

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Kimiko Sekiguchi wrote the main manuscript.

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