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Low-Virtuality Leptoproduction of Open-Charm as a Probe of the Gluon Sivers Function

  • Rohini M. Godbole
  • Abhiram Kaushik
  • Anuradha Misra
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  1. Light Cone 2017


We propose low-virtuality leptoproduction of open-charm, \(p^\uparrow l\rightarrow D^0+X\), as a probe of the gluon Sivers function (GSF). At leading-order, this process directly probes the gluon content of the proton, making detection of a trasverse single-spin asymmetry in the process a clear indication of a non-zero GSF. Considering the kinematics of the proposed future Electron–Ion Collider, we present predictions for asymmetry using fits of the GSF available in literature. We also study the asymmetry at the level of muons produced in D-meson decays and find that the asymmetry is preserved therein as well.



R.M.G. wishes to acknowledge support from the Department of Science and Technology, India under Grant No. SR/S2/JCB-64/2007 under the J.C. Bose Fellowship scheme. A.M. would like to thank the Department of Science and Technology, India for financial support under Grant No. EMR/2014/0000486. A.M. would also like to thank the Theory Division, CERN, Switzerland for their kind hospitality.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Indian Institute of ScienceBangaloreIndia
  2. 2.University of MumbaiMumbaiIndia

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