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The MAID Legacy and Future

  • Lothar Tiator
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The MAID project is a collection of theoretical models for pseudoscalar meson photo- and electroproduction from nucleons. It is online available and produces results in real time calculations. In addition to kinematical variables also model parameters, especially for baryon resonances, can be online changed and investigated. Over 20 years MAID has become quite popular and the MAID web pages have been called more than 7.7 million times.



From the beginning, the MAID project was heavily supported by Prof. Dieter Drechsel in Mainz, who also gave a lot of encouragement for the development and for applications. A very big part of the programs was developed by Sabit Kamalov from Dubna. In addition we are also grateful to the contributions of Olaf Hanstein, Marc Vanderhaeghen, Victor Kashevarov, Stefan Scherer and Marius Hilt from Mainz, Shin Nan Yang and Wen Tai Chiang from Taipei, Terry Mart from Depok (Indonesia), Cornelius Bennhold from George Washington University and Alexander Fix from Tomsk. The MAID project was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (SFB 201 and 1044).


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