Few-Body Systems

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Experimentally Accessible Invariants Encoded in Interparticle Correlations of Harmonically Trapped Ultra-cold Few-Fermion Mixtures

  • Daniel PęcakEmail author
  • Mariusz Gajda
  • Tomasz Sowiński
Open Access


A system of a two-flavour mixture of ultra-cold fermions confined in a one-dimensional harmonic trap is studied. Using the well-known properties of the centre-of-mass frame we present a numerical method of obtaining energetic spectra in this frame for an arbitrary mass ratio of fermionic species. We identify a specific invariant encoded in many-body correlations which may be helpful to determine an eigenstate of the Hamiltonian and to label excitations of the centre of mass. The tool presented can be easily applied and thus may be particularly useful in an experimental analysis of the interparticle interactions which do not affect the centre of mass excitations in a harmonic potential.


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