The Semileptonic Decay Modes \({\bar{B} \rightarrow D\ell \bar{\nu}}\) and \({\bar{B}_{s} \rightarrow D_{s} \ell \bar{\nu}}\): A New Analysis in Potential Model


We consider the Schrödinger equation with a combination of Deng–Fan-type and harmonic terms. To solve the corresponding differential equation, we split the equation to two parts: the parent and the perturbation terms. We use the Nikiforov–Uvarov technique to solve the parent part. For the perturbation part, we apply the series expansion method. Next, using the calculated wave function, we investigate some bottom and charm mesons within the Isgur–Wise function formalism. We present especially semileptonic \({\bar{B} \rightarrow D\ell \bar{\nu}}\) and \({\bar{B}_{s} \rightarrow D_s \ell \bar{\nu }}\) decay widths, branching ratios and \({|V_{cb}|}\) (element of the CKM matrix). Masses of some pseudoscalar mesons are also indicated. Comparisons of our results with experimental values and other approaches are included.

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