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Low-Energy Reactions Involving Halo Nuclei: A Microscopic Version of CDCC



We extend the continuum discretized coupled channel method (CDCC) to a microscopic version, where the projectile is described by a microscopic cluster model. This generalization (MCDCC) only relies on nucleon-target interactions, and therefore presents an important predictive power. We briefly present an outline of the model, and provide recent examples with 7Li and 8B elastic scattering on different light and heavy targets. We show that the model can be applied to high energies, as well as to low energies.


208Pb Elastic Scattering Coulomb Barrier Exotic Nucleus Halo Nucleus 
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  4. 4.Departamento de Física, Instituto Tecnológico de AeronáuticaCTASão PauloBrazil

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