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Spectroscopy of η′ Mesic Nuclei with (p, d) Reaction


We are going to perform an inclusive spectroscopy experiment of η′ mesic nuclei with the 12C(p,d) reaction to study in-medium properties of the η′ meson. In nuclear medium, the η′ meson mass may be reduced due to partial restoration of chiral symmetry. In case of sufficiently large mass reduction and small absorption width of η′ at normal nuclear density, peak structures of η′ mesic states in 11C will be observed near the η′ emission threshold even in an inclusive spectrum. The experiment will be carried out at GSI with proton beam supplied by SIS using FRS as a spectrometer. The detail of the experiment is described.

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  • Proton Beam
  • Chiral Symmetry
  • Mass Reduction
  • Nuclear Medium
  • Partial Restoration