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Reinforced mitral valve replacement using a xenopericardium collared prosthetic valve for a heavily calcified or disrupted mitral annulus: a simple “Dumpling technique”


Heavy mitral annular calcification or severe destruction of the mitral annulus in the setting of mitral valve replacement may result in fatal complications, such as atrioventricular disruption, ventricular rupture, valve dehiscence, and perivalvular leakage. Collar-reinforced mitral valve replacements with xenopericardium have been reported to prevent perivalvular leakage and valve detachment. We herein describe our experience with an easy method of handling the modified collar-reinforced prosthetic valve, which we call the “Dumpling technique”, in six patients.

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Correspondence to Yoshiki Sawa.

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Yoshiki Sawa received research funding from St. Jude Medical, Inc. All of the other authors declare no conflicts of interest.

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Ishida, M., Toda, K., Nakamura, T. et al. Reinforced mitral valve replacement using a xenopericardium collared prosthetic valve for a heavily calcified or disrupted mitral annulus: a simple “Dumpling technique”. Surg Today 47, 895–898 (2017).

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  • Mitral valve replacement
  • Calcification
  • Reinforced prosthetic valve