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Clinical manifestations of acute appendicitis in hemodialysis patients

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Acute appendicitis has been suggested to be more aggravated in hemodialysis (HD) patients in comparison to non-HD patients but only scanty evidence demonstrates the conditions.


A retrospective cohort study was done for HD and non-HD patients with a discharge diagnosis of acute appendicitis in a single medical center.


Patients with acute appendicitis on HD (n = 11), and non-HD (n = 40) were enrolled. The patients in the HD group, demonstrated older age, less leukocytosis, shorter preoperative diagnostic delay, but with no improvement of perforation rate and poor prognosis such as longer hospital stay and higher morbidity rate in comparison to the non-HD group. The differences between the HD and non-HD group still existed even with an age- and gender-matched non-HD group. A higher C-reactive protein level was a helpful index in early diagnosis and predicting the possibility of perforation. Hyponatremia was an important prognostic factor associated with a longer preoperative delay, longer hospital stay and higher morbidity rate in the HD group.


The diagnosis of AA in HD patients was earlier than in non-HD patients. HD patients with AA had atypical presentations and a poor prognosis especially those that presented with hyponatremia and a perforated appendicitis. Higher C-reactive protein was associated with the development of perforated appendicitis in HD patients.

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