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Questionnaire survey regarding the current status and controversial issues concerning reconstruction after gastrectomy in Japan

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The Japanese Society for the Study of Postoperative Morbidity after Gastrectomy conducted a nationwide questionnaire survey to clarify the current status of reconstruction after gastrectomy. One hundred and forty-five institutions (66%) responded to the survey. The questionnaire dealt with the reconstruction after a distal gastrectomy, pylorus-preserving gastrectomy (PPG), total gastrectomy, and proximal gastrectomy. The most common method of reconstruction after distal gastrectomy was Billroth I in 112 institutions (74%), and Roux-en-Y (RY) in 30 (21%). Seventy-seven institutions (53%) responded to the PPG questions. The lengths of the antral cuff were widely distributed among the institutions. Segmental gastrectomy was performed by 23 institutions for limited cases. The most common method of reconstruction after total gastrectomy was RY in 138 institutions (95%). Reconstruction with a pouch after total gastrectomy was done in 26 institutions (18%). The most common reconstructions after proximal gastrectomy were esophagogastrostomy in 69 institutions (48%), jejunal interposition in 41 (28%), double tract in 19 (13%) and pouch reconstruction in 6 (7%). Although most Japanese surgeons are concerned about the revised methods of reconstruction and quality of life after gastrectomy, surgeons have not yet reached a full consensus on these issues.

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