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Solitary splenic metastasis from early gastric cancer: Report of a case

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Solitary metastasis of a malignancy to the spleen is rare. We herein describe a case of splenic metastasis from early gastric cancer. A 76-year-old man underwent an endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) for early gastric carcinoma in the cardia. Pathologically, the tumor showed invasion into the submucosal layer, and the stump of the surgical specimen appeared to be positive for malignant cells. He thus underwent a proximal gastrectomy with nodal dissection. One year later, serum carcinoembryonic antigen was elevated, and a splenic mass was detected by computed tomography and ultrasonography. Because the tumor increased in size very gradually and no metastatic lesions were detected at the other sites, we performed a splenectomy. The lesion was pathologically diagnosed as metastasis from the previous gastric carcinoma, and the patient remains healthy to date without recurrence, more than 2 years after the splenectomy. When solitary metastasis to the spleen is suspected during the postoperative follow-up of a patient with gastric cancer, a splenectomy is a potentially effective treatment.

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