C. Rex: K-Wiring Principles and Techniques

THIEME, Stuttgart, New York, Delhi, Rio, 2016, EUR (D) 79,99 EUR (A) 82,30 CHF 92,00, ISBN: 978-93-82076-57-5
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This book treats pins, only pins. The author shows us all that one can do with pins of Kirschner on the level of all the elements of the skeleton even if the chapters on the column and the basin are reduced to their simpler expression. It is not about a book presenting the various treatments of a fracture or a pathology but only of the possibilities of treatment by pins.

This book will interest especially young people who forget sometimes that osteosyntheses with pins exist and give often completely satisfactory results. This book will also interest the many surgeons who leave to operate with the other end of the world sometimes with reduced material. The chapters on the ends are provided with an abundant illustration. The author took care to describe the entrance points well in order to obtain the best possible reduction while allowing in particular the level by being able to mobilize as soon as possible.


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