Buckup Klaus MD, Buckup Johannes MD: Clinical test for the musculoskeletal system examinations signs phenomena (3rd edition)

Thieme, Stuttgart, New York, Delhi, Rio, 2016, paperback, 400 pp, $51.06 US, ISBN: 978-3-13-136793-8
  • Alain G. Graftiaux
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Here a little book is extremely interesting for young people but also for oldest, who never heard or read of a test that one does not know.

This little book will give an easy answer the more so as that Ci is divided into chapters on the anatomical areas (spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, hip, knee, football and ankle). Other chapters on the associated lesions will be very useful (posture deficiency, venous thrombosis, occlusive arterial disease, neurovascular compression syndromes, disturbances of the central nervous system).

In the beginning of each chapter, a table presents the various signs according to the lesions (e.g., instability, reduction in the force) or to the anatomical elements.

One will be able nevertheless to regret the absence of scale in the utility of the various tests as well as a comment of the author at the end of the chapter on his preferred tests.


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