Tips and tricks for ORIF of displaced femoral neck fractures in the young adult patient

  • Stephen C. Stacey
  • Christopher H. Renninger
  • David Hak
  • Cyril MauffreyEmail author
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Femoral neck fractures in the young adult are a less common, but potentially functionally significant injury commonly occurring after high-energy trauma. The management goals of these injuries are the maintenance of a native hip joint absent avascular necrosis and nonunion. The primary determinant to this end is an anatomic reduction in displaced fractures with stable fixation. In this paper, the authors provide a set of technical tips and tricks to aid orthopedic surgeons in the surgical management of these injuries while reviewing the most recent literature available to inform clinical decision making. The paper includes the recommendations of the authors from the Denver Health Orthopaedic Trauma Service.


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