Rene K. Marti, Peter Kloen: Concepts and cases in nonunion treatment

Thieme Verlag, New York, Stuttgart, Delhi, Rio, 2011, 960 pp, num. illustr., Hardcover, EUR (D) 249,95, CHF 350,00, ISBN: 978-3-13-165851-7
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This enormous work is to be regarded as the Bible of the treatment of the nonunions. After a very provided recall of the historical evolution of this treatment, paying homage to the great names which are leaning on this vast subject, the authors devote a chapter to fundamental sciences and the treatments the new—emergent—such growth factors .

They enter then the sharp one of the subject with the preserving treatments like the pulsated electromagnetic fields, the use of the ultrasounds. The surgical treatment with the place of the hulling, the autogenous osseous grafting, of cancelous bone, the osseous substitutes are exposed. Finally the place of the infection in the pseudarthroses is described.

The 750 following pages are dedicated to the presentation of cases, according to an anatomical order, while starting with the clavicle, then the shoulder… to finish by ankle and the foot. The reader will find thus with these concrete examples of the comparisons with his own cases and will be able usefully to benefit from it to adapt his therapeutic method while being based on the examples presented by these experienced authors.

Magnificiently illustrated, this book is recommended to all the orthopedists and traumatologists confronted with this difficult problem of the pseudarthroses.


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