Roberto Vialle (ed.), Manabu Ito, K. Daniel Riew (Guest ed.): AOSpine Masters Series Volume 3: Cervical Degenerative Conditions

Thieme Verlag, New York, Stuttgart, Delhi, Rio, 2015, 148 pp, 85 illustr., Hardcover, EUR (D) 84.99; EUR (A) 87.40; CHF 119,00, ISBN: 978-1-63623-050-7
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This abundantly illustrated work of operational diagrams and peroperative photographs described the surgical techniques of the cervical spine as practised in 2015. The book constitutes volume 3 of the collection AOSpine Masters Series.

The laminoplasty, anterior decompression with fusion, pedicular screwing, laminectomy for myelopathy, the posterior fusion by mini-invasive surgery, navigation for the cervical reconstructive surgery, the cervical prosthetic arthroplasty, the balance of the cervical spine, complications, degenerative arthritis of the adjacent disc, the osteosynthesis of the upper cervical spine, and how to avoid the complications constitute the various chapters all presented in a very didactic way. The bibliographical references are of variable quality, sometimes very many, other definitely incomplete times; the creators of certain prostheses of the intervertebral discs for example are not mentioned.

A very detailed index at the end of the work allows a rapid access with the pressed reader, anxious to check a point of detail.

It is about a basic work that any spine surgeon, beginning or confirmed, should have in his office.


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