Rapid destructive arthritis of the hip revisited

  • Andreas F. MavrogenisEmail author
  • Dimitrios A. Flevas
  • Georgios N. Panagopoulos
  • Panayiotis Megaloikonomos
  • Vasilios Igoumenou
  • Christos Vottis
  • Vasilios Sakellariou
  • Vasilios Kontogeorgakos
General Review • HIP - ARTHRITIS


Rapid destructive arthritis of the hip is a rare entity with unknown pathogenesis and outcome. First described by Forestier in 1957, it is characterized by a rapidly progressive hip disease resulting in rapid destruction of both the femoral and acetabular aspects of the hip joint, with almost complete disappearance of the femoral head within a few months. Since the original description, case reports and small series have been reported, and many names have been proposed to describe the rapid destruction of the femoral head and occasionally the acetabulum. Initial presentation includes acute hip pain with the lack of radiographic evidence of joint destruction, rapidly progressing to complete vanishing of the proximal femur within a few months. This article summarizes the related literature aiming to present the current concepts for the diagnosis and treatment of rapid destructive arthritis of the hip.


Rapid progressive Hip arthritis Coxarthrosis 


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  • Georgios N. Panagopoulos
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