Vertebral osteotomies

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Despite the complex nature of vertebral osteotomies, they tend to be used by more and more surgeons to treat severe rigid spinal deformities.

There are three classic types of vertebral osteotomy:
  • interpedicular osteotomies used at several levels;

  • transpedicular osteotomies typically used at a single level, initially in the lumbar spine, but more recently also in the thoracic spine;

  • vertebral resection, used primarily in the thoracic spine.

In this supplement of the EJOST, American and European authors contribute their experience in quite complementary chapters:
  • V. Lafage and F. Schwab detail the indications, classification and preoperative planning of vertebral osteotomies,

  • C. Barrey writes on the technical aspects and complications of osteotomies in the lumbar spine.

  • F. Pelisse describes the technical aspects and complications of osteotomies in the thoracic spine.

  • I. Obeid reports on the technique of vertebral resection.

  • C. Lamartina provides a chapter specifically dedicated to osteotomies for post-traumatic kyphosis.

  • A. Alanay treats the subject of osteotomies in children.

This number constitutes a complete and certainly very instructive view of vertebral osteotomies, thanks to the quality and complementarity of the articles included.


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