Extra-articular fixation of displaced fracture lateral end clavicle

  • Mohamed SamyEmail author
  • Ashraf Khanfour
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To evaluate the results of extra-articular fixation of displaced fracture distal end clavicle.


Fifteen patients with a Neer type II fracture distal end clavicle were treated surgically with extra-articular Kirschner (K) wires and tension band wire(TBW) in the period between May 2004 to January 2007. All patients were reviewed clinically, radiologically, and with Constant–Murely functional score. Both clinical and radiological assessments of the acromioclavicular (AC) joint were done for all patients at the end of follow-up.


Fifteen patients were followed up for an average of 27 (range 23–33) months. All the fractures had radiological bony union at mean time of 14.4 (range 11–20) weeks. The mean Constant–Murely score of the operated side was 90 points, which was comparable to the contralateral shoulder (P = 0.11). None of the patients had AC joint pathology at the end of follow-up.


The management of displaced fracture distal end clavicle using extra-articular fixation with K wires and tension band wiring gives good radiological and functional outcomes in the medium term.


Fracture lateral end clavicle Extra-articular fixation Tension band wire 



The authors would like to acknowledge the assistance of Dr. Mohammed Moussa (PhD, MS ortho) for his suggestions.

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