The loop-the-loop stitch technique for long head of biceps tenodesis

  • S. E. AldridgeEmail author
  • M. Perko
  • G. N. Heilpern
  • G. H. Burrow
Technical Note


We present a simple, reproducible and quick method of securing the intra-articular portion of the long head of biceps in preparation for tenodesis. Securing the long head of biceps from the joint with per-tendinous suture or simple loop can result in loss of the tendon down the groove, which can be difficult to retrieve. Arthroscopic passage of the loop-the-loop suture provides dependable, reproducible control of the biceps, and can be prepared for tenodesis by whatever subsequent method.


Shoulder arthroscopy Biceps tenodesis Surgical technique 


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  • S. E. Aldridge
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    Email author
  • M. Perko
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  • G. N. Heilpern
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  • G. H. Burrow
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  1. 1.North Sydney Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine CentreWollstonecraftAustralia

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