Siemionow, Maria Z.: Tissue surgery

Springer Verlag, London, 2006, 160 pp, 100 figs., 9 tabs., Hard Cover € 89.95, ISBN: 1-85233-970-5
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This book describes new and innovative techniques for the plastic surgeon regarding the orthopaedic surgery.

The interesting new opens other horizons for the treatment of certain pathologies described in this book.

Thus for example of novel methods are described mixing the mini-invasive surgery one and the endoscopic surgery. In the nervous surgery with the upper limb, the interest consists of the tendineous transfers with the system of slip in the rebuildings of flexor of the fingers, of the new concepts of flaps to the hand.

Many illustrations make it possible to adopt/understand the techniques well.

An attempt which is commendable for its contribution to knowledge.

No funds were received in support of this study.

Alain Graftiaux


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