Types of fractures of the proximal part of the ulna bone in children and youth

  • Łukasz MatuszewskiEmail author
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In this paper, authors present the forms of fractures of proximal part of ulna bone. Research is based on the completed data of 34 child and young patients in the age of 9–17 years treated in the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, Medical University of Lublin and Clinic of Traumatology, Medical University of Lublin, in the years 1986–2005. In those years we had 1,048 children and youth with various elbow’s fractures in age between 4 and 17 years. Fractures have been singled out according to the age and gender as well as the side of the fracture. In our material, we separated two main types of injuries of the proximal part of the ulna bone on the basis of the analysis of the course of the crack in the fracture which is the main difference from fractures of proximal part of ulna bone in older patients where we have an occasion to meet plenty of various forms of injuries predominately caused by higher energy. We proposed unambiguous naming of these childhood injuries on the strength of international anatomical nomenclature. During statistic analysis the relationships between the number of individual forms of fractures and the patient’s development period have been shown. We did not find a crucial statistical relationship between the development period and side of the fracture and any essential relationship between development period and gender of our patients. We affirmed that in the treatment of those kinds of fractures surgical methods predominate. Taking into account the presented results of applied treatment, we would like to emphasize the specificity of child’s skeletal system and risk of appearance of severe complications in case of inappropriate medical proceedings.


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