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Riley J. Williams, David P. Johnson (Eds.): Controversies in Knee Surgery

September 2004, 554pp., numerous ills., Hardcover, £ 75,00, Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York, ISBN 0-19-852066-2

This book is a comprehensive review of the question of knee injuries reconstruction. More than 50 famous authors from 12 different countries contributed to this book. It is divided into eight parts according to the anatomy: primary and revision ACL reconstruction, medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral and postero-lateral corner, arthritic ACL deficient knee, PCL, meniscus and cartilage injury, complex knee injury.

Each chapter represents a current overview of the topic discussed. The texts are mainly clearly written and well comprehensive. However, more pictures and illustrations would have enhanced the learning effect. An extensive reference list is supplied after each chapter, and will help to get more detailed information.

This book intended to be an summary of the current state of...

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