Transverse divergent dislocation of the elbow in adult: a 9-year follow-up

  • Hichem MnifEmail author
  • Mustapha Koubaa
  • Makram Zrig
  • Zohra ben Salah
  • Karim Amara
  • Abderrazek Abid
Case Report


Transverse divergent dislocation of the elbow, in which the radius and ulna dislocate in diverging directions, is an extremely rare injury (19 cases have been reported in the literature). Usually, this type of elbow dislocation occurs in children, and an adult case is extremely rare. In this report, we present a case of a transverse divergent dislocation of elbow in a 20-year-old woman, treated with conservative method and long-arm cast immobilization. At 9 years, she had no pain in the elbow, returned to full activities and had normal function. The X-ray of the elbow was normal, except for a small nonunited bony fragment adjacent to the coronoid process of the ulna.


Transverse Divergent Dislocation Elbow Adult 



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  • Hichem Mnif
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  • Mustapha Koubaa
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  • Makram Zrig
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  • Zohra ben Salah
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  • Karim Amara
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  • Abderrazek Abid
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  1. 1.Department of Orthopaedic SurgeryMonastirTunisia

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